It is essential that we do the safest and best possible repair on every vehicle.

Once your repair is underway, your personalised repair hub will provide you with the current stage of repair and also in most cases an Estimated Completion Date.

Dependent on parts and other possible factors mentioned below, the estimated completion date may change. We will always inform you on changes to your repair via your hub and notifications will come via SMS or email.

To help keep the repair journey on track, supplying damage information and photo's can provide the repairer and engineers with vital insight to the damage and in most case if parts are required they can be ordered ahead of the vehicle booking in date. If you have booked your repair, take a look at our booking instructions.

Possible delays

Our repairer approved status dictates that parts, paints and workmanship adhere to the standards set by your vehicle manufacturer and we'll do whatever is required to carry out the work to these exacting levels. If that means more time with us, then we'll try and make that process as seamless as possible and ensure you are informed of any issues with your repair.

Level of damage

Even the smallest of dents could have underlining issues with structural damage, not visible to a regular person, that's why every repair undergoes a comprehensive check by fully qualified engineers who analyse every part of the damage and the not so visible possible issues.

Parts Availability

With the current Pandemic and supply chain issues resulting from Brexit there could possibly be delays to parts. We only use quality parts and in most cases manufacturer OEM parts. This is paramount for your safety, and it is important we don't compromise on quality.


Whilst we have contingency plans in place, there is no planning to the severity of the pandemic and the result of staffing issues due to possible government guidelines.

Ensuring Quality

Quality and safety above speed It seems an obvious statement, however this is something that all our repairers will ensure.

Sometimes the damage is more than purely cosmetic and internal parts also need replacing. These kinds of repairs, where the car may need careful adjustment and replacement need plenty of time and careful attention.

Urgent Status Update: Parts shortage impacting vehicle repairs read more

Vizion Green Earth Initiative

Vizion Green Earth Initiative

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